Monday, March 05, 2007

NEWS NEWS - We're Getting Closer!!

I looks as if referrals are now out through October 24, 2005!!! Yoohoo!! So here is a potential schedule that someone in our adoption group came it with. I'm loving it:

Oct 25- Nov 13thish - Referrals beginning of April 2007 - Travel end May 2007

Nov 14thish to Nov 24thish - Referrals beginning of May 2007 - Travel end June 2007

Nov 25th-ish to Dec 13thish - Referrals beginning of June 2007 - Travel end July 2007

Dec 14th-ish to Dec 25thish - Referrals beginning of July 2007 - Travel end August 2007

Dec 26thish to Jan 13thish - Referrals beginning of August 2007 - Travel end Sept. 2007

This last one would be us since our referral date is January 10, 2006!!!

It is exciting - I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!!
Here is our niece Fallon saying HI FIVE to the Good News!!!