Sunday, June 29, 2008

More From Today...

Having her bedtime bottle. She is so congested that I had to prop her up to breath.

With her daddy - Don't you love those rolly polly legs?

She will take a passy - she is getting teeth. She has two on the bottom already!

The little Boys from the airport this morning!

Our food at lunch!

So we had everything but something to mix formula in so all we could find was a wine glass in the room!

You all, I don't even know what to say! She has been a perfect baby so far! She has not cried once and she is sick! She had a temperature when we got her and has horrible congestion. The orphanage gave me some medicine to use and when it is gone I will try and get something else. Anyone has suggestions I am open. Remember can get a prescription and we are IN CHINA! I have baby Tylenol and Motrin. She is taking formula and eats rice cereal and they said she also eats egg custard (Christie she likes souflee - ha). They said she went to bed at 9:30 and I don't hear her rolling around anymore in her crib! We just laid her down and she didn't cry or anything. It is funny if one of us is holding her she wants to see where the other one is. We got a stroller from the hotel and walked down to a Pizza Hut because we litterally have hardly eaten anything. They take us to authentic Chinese and it is NOT the same!! No General's Chicken Key!! We did have Kung Pow Chicken Sichuan Style and it was really good. Izabella is so cute and so fluffy!! If we are silly with her she will giggle at us and smile and get excited. In the stroller when we went to dinner she would kick her leg up on top of stroller. Chongqing is much like New York. Crazy driving and LOT AND LOTS of people. There were people cooking things along the streets and they were playing Chinese Dominos (Mom) and cards. We are definitely in the minority here and EVERYONE stares at us! It is so bizaar! We are so happy and just love her to pieces! I am totally exhausted and while it is quiet I'm going to bed. I'm going to post a few more pictures over on the blog and saying goodnight!!

A Perfect Baby

Hi, it's me Stephe. Hope has been able to access blogger and was the one that uploaded the first Gotcha day photos!! I just got this email and I am posting it. Please disregard if Hope posts the same one... For now, here it is! ~Stephe
(email from Hope deleted...she just posted it in the next post)
I found these photos on the internet for your viewing entertainment!! ~ Stephe

Above: Chinese Men playing Dominos

Above: Street Vendors in China

HERE SHE IS!!!!!!!!!!!

Here she is!! Will post more later!!

Waiting Patiently

From Hope and Scott:
"Well it is 10 till 4:00 pm in Chongqing and we are waiting for the call to go down and get the babies. This was THE most amazing place when we were flying in. Sunny, HOT but mountainous. There are hills and mountains everywhere, much like Eastern KY but with skyscrappers! It is a very different place. It sounds like New York as I sit here and type. There are horns honking everywhere and people drive crazy. Once we got here went to an Chinese restaurant in the basement of an art gallery I think! The food is spicy here. Sichuan is what they are known for. We had Kung Pow Chicken today and it was good but very spicy. Pumpkin Soup and many other strange things. I have been hungry and tired most of the time we have been here. But, I am like the hibernating bear - NOT going to starve! We got up this morning at 4:30 am and left at 5:15 for the airport. Beijing has an amazing airport - architecturally it is amazing! When we arrived at the airport Scott had on a t-shirt that had USA on it and was approached by some young boys and they took turns getting their picture made. Then when we arrived at Chongqing, these two little boys were giggleing and trying to snap my picture so I leaned down and waved them over and had my picture made with them and then took their picture! They just giggled! Another interesting thing is the split pants. The young children here don't wear diapers. They wear split pants. They are split in the crotch from front to back. Our guide who is Chinese says that it is because they are poor and if children have to go to potty, they go behind a tree or in a corner. They really do have a different culture here. She said Chinese people don't wear wedding rings because they feel like it is too showy and they are way to modest as a culture where Americans try to outdo each other with the size of their diamonds. It has been interesting and fun having Allison with us (our guide) and she has been so amazing. Taking care of EVERY detail and all has run sooo smooth!!

I have so many emotions right now but don't know what to say. I know they are driving in on a bus from Yunyang and they don't use car seats here so I am praying for their safety. I know they are going to be tired and hungry. I know that they had at least a 6 hour bus ride! Scott is napping! I want to nap but don't want to fall asleep! Well, I have rambled on long enough. It is now 4:05 and we are waiting patiently for our call!!!!!"

Here are some photos that I found on the internet to show you where Hope & Scott have been and where they are now. Enjoy. ~ Stephe

Above & Below: The Amazing Beijing Airport

They flew into the Province of Chongquing.

Below: Chongquing city Life.

Below: A little more rural area of Chongquing.

Below: Babies and the Infamous Split Pants.

Below: Yunyang County with over 1400 years of history is reputed as the 'Bright Pearl of Chongqing' This is where their precious little Izabella is from.

Oh Sweet Izabella, you are in route to you forever family and they are just bursting with excitement with the anticipation of your arrival. All of your family, friends, and Precious Pandas here in the US are so ready to see your precious little face. We're sending all you lots of hugs and kisses!!! ~ Stephe

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Oops! She did have some photos that were sent. Here they are! ~ Stephe

Above: Getting Started with the packing!

Above: The car is packed and ready to roll!

Above: The happy parents to be!!!! Love that shirt girl? Where ever did you get that done!!! (ha! ha! I'm Shameless~ Stephe)

Above: Day one photo.

Touring Beijing

From Hope & Scott:
Okay all. Still tired. Still no sleep. I think maybe last night we got 4 hours because we got up and had breakfast and went to see the Forbidden City and the Great Wall. Along with the Cloisonne factory. Along with an semi-American/Chinese lunch – needless to say, our little group that we were with today are still REALLY hungry. We met a couple and their two boys from Clinton, Kentucky and they are getting a girl the same age as Izabella so they will be traveling along with 4 other families. Scott is crashed in the bed right now. We have to be up at 4:30 am in the morning it is currently 7 pm now so once again short please forgive me if I slur my typing. So here is what has happened so far…
We left at 8:00 am to go to Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City and the Great Wall. It was a lot of walking but we had a great time! One thing that has been really weird is that 3 or 4 people came up to me because they wanted their picture made with me. I am told it is the blonde hair – so I feel like a celebrity. I’m not used to that. It has really cooled off and has been overcast and misty still humid, not unbearable!! We were in the bus a lot traveling and we are going on literally no sleep. At the Great Wall, we had 4 or 5 in our group that made it way way up. I got Izabella a tea set at the Great Wall Gift Shop and I cannot wait for the day that I will give it to her! The money is weird. They do not have coins it is all paper but for those waiting to travel, print off the conversion chart, it has helped us out a lot. In fact other have borrowed it because it is hard to do it in your head! I am also glad I brought the Sharpie and hot pink Duck Tape because we all had to use it to mark out luggage for our BIG TRIP tomorrow. So we are up at 4:30 am to get to the airport and will be off to Chongqing to get our sweet girl. I had a melt down on the bus today on the way to lunch wondering how they were preparing her for the trip and how she has no idea how her life will change tomorrow forever!! And, how happy she is going to make us and we hope to make her just as happy. Sorry picture today are boring but I promise to have more exciting ones tomorrow!! I must go now so I can pack to leave for our next big adventure – parenthood!!
I haven't received any photos from Hope and Scott yet so I'm improvising for your entertainment. Here are some photos of the places they were!!! ~Stephe
The Forbidden City, built in 1421 during the Ming Dynasty,is a linear series of buildings (halls) facing south, you walk through one and come out in the courtyard of the next. They seem to go on forever.

The Great Wall extends 2,480 miles from the East China Sea to Central Asia. We climbed a long, steep flight of steps to one of the numerous towers that dot its length. The area immediately below the section that we visited is thronged with shops, stalls, and vendors - every bit as touristy as it would be in the U.S.

In the Cloisonne Factory you would expect to see workers applying the tiny wires that form the designs with tweezers and then filling them in with enamel. One could have easily spent half a day in the showroom and purhase lots of gorgeous items!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Hope & Scott in China!!!!

Hi, this is Stephe, Hope's partner in crime! Kidding! I am one of her fellow Precious Pandas from the January DTC group!!! Since China is making it hard on bloggers to post, I am posting for them.

Email from Hope:
Okay, here is the message I tried to post last night when we got in! It was like 12:30 pm here when we finally got to our hotel... we were in bed at like 1:30 and up by 5:30. Gonna crash hard tonight!! We get our baby tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will post more later!!

Hey everyone, I just took an Ambien so I might not last long! But we made it, our AST flight landed at 10:00 pm Friday here in China which is am. Our whole group is exhausted and we are in our fabulous hotel!! The Grand Millennium in Beijing!! It is very nice and cozy. I have to admit I am a bit home sick but know that we are so close our little Izabelly so, tonight and tomorrow night and life will no longer be the same and praise the Lord!! Love you all but will write more when I find my brain! Stephe, I have lots of packing tips for you. We have shampoo, shower gel, toothbrush and toothpaste, q-tips... okay my pill is making me swurlly so I'll try to post more tomorrow. Got to go to sleep. Love, Soctt and Hope

This is a photo that I found online of the Grand Millennium in Beijing! Below is what the rooms look like!

Sweet Dreams Hope and Scott!! Izabella will be with you soon!!! Stephe

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bon Voyage!!!

Okay, this is Bon Voyage message!! We are heading out in the morning – early to the airport – maybe to get a good upgrade!! I cannot even tell you how we are feeling. We are so excited and happy and just cannot wait to meet our daughter for the first time! Thanks for all your enails and prayers for our trip!! I promise to post as soon as we are there and are able to connect!!

Hang on my little pop tart - you have no idea how much love you are about to receive!! Mommie and Daddie are on their way!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

By the Way...


Our Itinerary!!!!

Finally we will be bringing our girl home!! I cannot believe we are going to be parents in less than a week!! I just wonder what she looks like?? We have had NO updates since the old pictures of her that we got. I know she has changed a lot!! I hope they have not cut her hair! I think I am going to kiss her little face all over when I get my hands on her!! My good bud Stephe is going to keep this blog updated while I am gone with updates and pictures since it is usually not updatable in China!! Cannot wait be home and share all our fun!!!!!!!!!

6/26 NW3741 leave Louisville at 11:05 am, arrive Detroit at 12:36 pm
6/26 NW25 leave Detroit at 2:25 pm, arrive Tokyo 6/27 at 4:20 pm

6/27 NW29 leave Tokyo at 6:45 pm am louisville time), arrive Beijing at 9:35 pm
6/28 visit Tian An Men Square, Forbidden City and Great Wall
6/29 Leave Beijing at 8:20 am to head to Chongqing (where Izabella is!)
6/29 in the afternoon China time WE WILL GET IZABELLA!!!!!! HAPPY DAY!!!!!!!!!!
6/30 - 7/4 we will be in Chongqing with OUR DAUGHTER!!!
7/2 9:30 am Visit Chongqing Zoo and People’s Hall
7/3 9:30 am Visit Eling Park Chaotian Gate
7/4 6:45 pm we leave for Guangzhou and arrive at 8:45 pm HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!
7/5 9:00 am take Izabella’s Vista Photo and her Medical Check up
7/6 10:45 am Walk to a Church Service
7/7 9:00 am Izabella’s Visa will be taken to Consulate and we will get our Red Couch Photo at the White Swan
7/8 2:45 pm To Consulate to have the Oath Ceremony

7/09 4:30 am wakeup call – 5:30 Leave hotel for the Long Journey Home - leave Guangzhou NW28 at 8:20 am, arrive Tokyo at 2:05 pm
7/09 leave NW12 Tokyo at 4:15 pm (4:15 am US time), arrive Detroit at 3:00 pm
7/09 leave Detroit at 5:01 pm, arrive Louisville at 6:25 pm WE WILL BE HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

4 More Sleeps!!

I cannot believe that we sleep four more times before we leave for China!! This time next week we will have Izabella in our arms!! I am so happy I could just pop!! We pretty much have everything packed. Still need to get the car seats in and a few more things to buy and mail to stop. I promise to check in again before we leave and post our itinerary of our entire trip!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Flooding in China

Here is the latest on happenings in China. We have to go to Guangzhou to finalize our adoption and Izabella is in the Chongqing province. So many bad things happening right now. The country really needs our prayer...

GUANGZHOU, China - Massive flooding across a broad stretch of southern China killed almost 60 people and forced 1.3 million others from their homes, state media reported Monday.

People were forced to flee their homes across nine provinces, including Sichuan, still reeling from last month's earthquake that killed nearly 70,000 people, the official Xinhua News Agency said. At least 57 people died and eight were missing, Xinhua reported.

Water levels on the swollen Wujiang River in Guangdong province rose to nearly 79 feet, far surpassing the "dangerous level" of 20 feet, he said.

Heavy rain in Sichuan, Guizhou and Yunnan provinces will further raise water levels downstream, especially in the coastal manufacturing powerhouse of Guangdong, Xinhua reported. Most of those areas are expected to receive more heavy rain over the next 10 days.

The worst-hit province was Guangdong, where 20 people died and eight were missing, and nearly 5.8 million people in 17 cities were affected, Xinhua said.

The North River (Bei Jiang) swallowed up a cluster of brick homes with orange-tile roofs on its banks, where about 100 people lived in the Sanshui district of Foshan, a city about an hour away from the provincial capital, Guangzhou.

One man, who would only give his surname, Huang, stood on a dike and looked across the river at his submerged home as his neighbors crossed back and forth on wooden skiffs.

"The water came in fast. It started rising yesterday morning and by noon, our homes were swamped," Huang said.

"So far the government is ignoring us and not providing any place to stay," he said. "We're living on the second floor of the tallest building in our neighborhood. We had to do the same thing during the flood in 2005, which was much worse than this one."

Huang worked in Sanshui's southern port, which was also flooded. Tall towers of shipping containers were inundated by water.

Streets and houses along the Xijiang River in Guangdong were submerged in the worst flooding to hit the Pearl River Delta region in 50 years, the official China Daily newspaper said.

"A major flood is feared if rain continues," Huang Boqing, deputy director of the Guangdong flood control and drought relief headquarters, was quoted as saying.

Vegetable prices in Guangdong have risen by 70 percent in four cities including Guangzhou, the paper said.

Economic losses have reached $1.5 billion because of the floods, it said. More than 45,000 houses collapsed and 140,000 had been damaged.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

14 More Sleeps!!

14 More sleeps until we leave for China!! We will be holding Izabella for the first time in about 2 1/2 weeks! I cannot believe this is happening! Dreams DO come true!!

Well here is a montage of pictures from my first two showers...

Friday, June 06, 2008

We've Got our flights booked...

Here is our flight information. 3 weeks from today we will be IN China. I am having such a wide range of emotions right now. I just can't wait until we have our little princess with us.

6/26 leave Louisville at 11:05 am, arrive Detroit at 12:36 pm
6/26 leave Detroit at 2:25 pm, arrive Tokyo at 4:20 pm on 6/27
6/27 leave Tokyo at 6:45 pm, arrive Beijing at 9:35 pm
7/9 leave Guangzhou at 8:20 am, arrive Tokyo at 2:05 pm
7/9 leave Tokyo at 4:15 pm, arrive Detroit at 3:00 pm
7/9 leave Detroit at 5:01 pm, arrive Louisville at 6:25 pm

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Yipee and Wohoo!!

We finally got our travel confirmation!! Looks like we will be taking off on June 26 and will return July 9!! I cannot believe this has finally happened!!!
Sweet little girl, we are on our way!!!
Also, Sunday was my first Baby Shower. It was very nice. I have a wonderful group of friends and feel so blessed that they are in our lives. I will post pictures when I get them from Christina -- hint hint!!