Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Well here we go again...

It looks as if CCAA has matched families through December 8, 2005, which means within about 33 days of matching, it will be our turn!! Keep in mind, they only do about 5-8 days per month...

So, in the mean time, I went on a Caribbean Cruise with my girl friends (pictures to follow) and I just had surgery which is rapid palatal expansion. My upper palate it very deep and narrow and it is causing trouble with my other teeth, so in order to correct the problem, I had to have the roof of my mouth cracked and will be widening it with an expander in my palate. So, it will be my greatest weight loss challenge yet!!

Well, I went with my friend Nora From Colorado and Sharon and her husband. They brought their daughter and her friend as well. It was a great time!!

This is us at one of the great shows!

Dinner at Johnny Rockets!

Dan, enjoying all you can eat Sundae's at Johnny Rockets!

Our crazy teenagers -- Chelse and Abby!

A cute little place in St. Maarten

This is just half of one of the acts on the cruise called MOASIC (check them out @ They were so fabulous!

Us girls going to dinner one night!

Our last morning waiting to exit the boat! A sad morning!