Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Presents, I love Presents!!

Well here is the most beautiful gift from a couple of my East Coast Precious Pandas. We were suppsed to decorate and make sparklie and we were having so much fun eating and laughing that we totally forgot about them. So, just a couple weeks ago, I got this in the mail and I'm not sure if it were Stephe, Donna, Cheryl or Wanda but I love mine and it made me cry. There was a beautiful little poem on shiny paper. I loved it. And, just a couple days ago, I got my cute little onesies from the onesie swap!! Thanks Michelle!! They are sooo cute. I just love getting gifts in the mail. I have been obsessed with getting mail since I was a child. So everytime there is a package on the porch or in the box, I revert back to childhood!! I know, I'm strange!! If only I would open the box and find a little baby girl from China!! Then I would never be the same!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Okay, I guess I am just living in my happy little oblivious part of the world these day. News of referrals taking 14 -- 16--18 -- even 24 months, thinking, awww it won't take that long, just don't think about it. Well, on my way into the driveway, the neighbor pulled in behind me and I got excited thinking OMG, they got their referral - they are adopting from CCAI and were logged in in September '05. He proceeds to tell me that they got a call a few weeks ago saying it would be at least February before they would get their referral - so if it is 5 months behind now, how far behind will they be in January??? My happy world of oblivion has just crumbled...

Thursday, October 12, 2006

My Thursday Night Fix...

Ok yes, I am addicted to Grey's Anatomy. Hey what ever it takes to pass the time. Dr. McSteemy - wow - who wouldn't be addicted. He looks just like Scott in a towel - how'd that happen?? LOL

I went to Scott's football practice tonight. I'm not sure what football is all about other than huddling and crashing into each other but hey, to each his own!!! Here are some photos from the practice... Look at that cute little Bell kid in his helmet!!!!!!!

And, look at the awesome gifts our secret pal sent to us!! Many of the items WILL be traveling with us to China!! Lots of cute items!! Love Them!!!!!!!!!!

Look one of them says... Made In China!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

2 More Classes To Go....

Tonight Scott and I took our CPR/AED certification. So we have only 2 more classes coming up in the next month and we will be done. Of course we still have to finish updating our homestudy and re-doing our fingerprints!! Uggghhh!!!!!!! If this whole freakin process would just speed up, we wouldn't have to keep re-doing things a spending even more money on this exciting process!! I wasn't going to, however, I think I'm going to start selling on ebay again. I did really well last fall. Plus, it is garage sale season and for some reason, I just love garage sales. You just never know what kind of treasures you will find!!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Free Willy

I have to tell a funny story. Today at work I brought in a new cd to play in my office. It was bamboo flute music. It is relaxing and soothing and my friend kept telling me it sounded like whale mating music. So she got on the internet and found Whale noises and kept calling my extension and playing them on my speaker. I kept saying I just wanted to embrace my daughters Chinese Culture and of course that part didn't matter so today was all about Whale mating!! I kept wondering how she knew what whale mating sounded like???