Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Okay, I guess I am just living in my happy little oblivious part of the world these day. News of referrals taking 14 -- 16--18 -- even 24 months, thinking, awww it won't take that long, just don't think about it. Well, on my way into the driveway, the neighbor pulled in behind me and I got excited thinking OMG, they got their referral - they are adopting from CCAI and were logged in in September '05. He proceeds to tell me that they got a call a few weeks ago saying it would be at least February before they would get their referral - so if it is 5 months behind now, how far behind will they be in January??? My happy world of oblivion has just crumbled...


Felice Pierce said...

yes, I have pretty much turned to insanity as my new profession. My husband is like you and I want to believe it wont stretch out so long. But I do realize it might. We live in So. Indiana and I work in Louisville (St. Matthews). We should go out and commiserate over coffee or tequilla.
Take care,
Felice Pierce

Dawn and Dale said...

This is my first time visiting your blog. I found your address from our new yahoo board that Donna made!!

I don't think I like the first post I've read here!!! lol

Ohhhh I hope it goes faster than that!!!