Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter at the Beach

Well, we have taken a trip to Destin, Florida and it is 59 and raining - on Easter. Our friends that we came with planned to hide Easter Eggs in the sand for the kids and we were going to have a little Easter Worship on the beach and read the bible but since it is COLD AND RAINING neither one of those are going to happen. So we are all in long pants and sleeves and sock in this beautiful house sitting right on the ocean and we cannot go out and enjoy the sand, but on the flip side, it beats Kentucky. We shopped last night and I have yet to take the first picture.

On the adoption side, referrals have not come out yet and everyone is antsy and edgy! I feel very sad as last year I thought that I would have Izabella maybe by now to hide Easter eggs for but instead we are still waiting and the wait does not seem to be any closer. If anything longer.

I will post some photos later. I have not even taken the camera out of the bag!!

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