Monday, June 25, 2007

Cutie Patootie's Everywhere...

Today, I received pictures from friends of my parents who are in China getting their sweet bundle. Her name is Cai, she is 9 months and she is so chubby and sweet. I just want to squeeze her. It seems that she loves her bath and her brother and sister love her already!!!

Fallon allert, my silly neice posing in the sink tub. She loves to take a bath. You cannot mention the word or she goes nuts. It is so funny!!


amy said...

these are fabulous. the more pics like these I see, the more excited I become and I love the picture below

Sophia's Mama said...

Hope they are all so cute thanks for sharing them with us. it wont be long and you and i will be hanging out together in GZ with our girls.

Susan R