Tuesday, January 22, 2008


We got our first "Big" Snow of the year! It was enough to call off schools around here but not enough to keep me from driving to work! I used to hate snow but I really like it because it is really pretty. I remember as a child when we knew there was a possibility of snow we would get up and glue to the TV untill we knew if were were out or not, and then, we used to get out for 3 snow flakes. Now I think it takes a bit more for them to call it off. Then if we were out of school we would want to go out and play in it. One year we had enough that it was up around our knees and we would make snow cream which I think today might not be good for you!! Even the thought of it now makes me want to blow chunks!! We would then come in the house soaked and mom would yell at us for tracking wet snow everywhere! Snow is a fond memory of my childhood!! Oh, and another fond memory was when we used to build forts in the hallway of our house. We would take chairs and blankets and build our forts and I thought it was so cool under there in the dark. I always wanted to curl up with a pillow and sleep! Which sounds really good right now!!!
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Donna & Joe said...

I haven't been in snow for years! I can't even remember how long, but just looking at your pic makes me want to get some hot cocoa and curl up on the sofa with a nice warm blankie.

Donna :)