Sunday, May 11, 2008


This was given to me by my mother on my first Mothers Day. And mom gave this this adorable little set for Izabella... Scott's mom and dad gave us this video monitor that I hope will ease my fears of having Izabella's room upstairs. I hope...

This came from one of my Precious Panda friends and I felt like I would share it today in honor of Mothers Day!! It made me smile since I don't have my sweet Izabella today!!

Today we had our family over and after dinner me, mom, mom-in-law and brothers girl friend went up stairs where he had ALL the clothes that Izabella has been given over the last 3 years and got them sorted and her room more organized. Still have a lot to do but I feel less stressed today and feel like that has been a big weight lifted!! Take a gander at the finished closet.
It was a very nice day - only wishing Izabella's was in our arms!!

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amy said...

thats wonderful. I cant wait to continue reading your journey