Tuesday, September 09, 2008

11 Months/2 Months... September 9, 2008

Well our little Petunia is 11 months old today AND we have been home 2 months! It is hard to believe that we have been home that long. Time is going by way too quickly! Our little poptart is growing and changing every day! We just love her so much!!

This was July 9th, getting in the car to go home from the airport.

This picture is from today at 11 months! Showing her curious little nature!! She was looking through the door from the family room into the kitchen at Nana's!!
This was from yesterday but shows what a ham she is with her Dora bandaides that she got into!


Anonymous said...

Hi Cutie, enjoyed our day together.
On your big 11 months, oh where has the time gone. Love our days with you and your mom. Papaw always misses you when you are gone and so do I. Hope to see you again Sunday night for your sleep over so mom can have a free day.
Love bunches to my daughter and her Izabella.
Love, Mom/nanna smothers

Terri and Rich said...

Your little one is sooo cute. My husband and I enjoy reading your blog. We think our daughter is so cute but yours it right up there with her!! Isn't parenthood so grand!! We are so in love with our little one we can't hardly stand it. Our daughters are very close in age (11 1/2 months old)so it fun reading your blog and seeing how Izabella is progressing.

Terri, Rich and Jenni Lin