Tuesday, January 02, 2007


See I promised all my Christmas Card recipients that I would keep my blog updated better in this new year. Well our holiday was pretty uneventful!

This picture is our nephew Garrett around the holidays. This is my favorite picture from Christmas. It is so funny!! He always makes funny faces when he is trying to smile. It is hysterical.

Well it seems that 2007 is already showing some improvements on the adoption front. Referrals have only been matched with families with Log In Dates (LID) through September 9 of 2006. It seems that the rumor is that they will be matching families with LID through September 28, 2006 which is almost a whole month!! And it will happen the end of the week. I hope this is true because it means they will be getting closer to matching those of us with LID in January 2007!! This is really good news!

I am getting ready for my big scrapbook weekend in a few weeks. It will give me time to work on Izabellas life book!! There are 20 of us going to General Butler State Park for the weekend. I am so excited!!

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