Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I am Officially a China Baby Aunt

One of the families in our travel group that went to Philly back in September, we call ourselves the East Coast Panda's should be back from China now. Her name is Lia. She is so precious!! Makes me more excited!! I believe she has some type of minor special need and that is why they travelled early. Congratulations Cappello family!!!

And on another note, Scott and I have just been exercising like crazy every morning at 5:30 am. I know it sounds crazy but in some sick twisted way I think it helps us with our stress level. We are much easier to live with when we exercise. Plus it helps with losing weight which we can both afford to do.

This passed weekend I went to General Butler State park with a group of 19 other girls to scrapbook from Friday at 3:00 until Sunday at 6:00. We had so much fun!! It is nice to get away and just hang with the girls. Of course I didn't get to hang with my mom like I thought. She was having some back trouble and I was sad!!

This was our little room we worked in...

My crazy friends Kim & Morgan...

My Friend Cris - the craziest. She wouldn't let us sleep at night, she kept on giggling and leaving the lights on... LOL
We just had a going away party a week ago Saturday for our good friends Jon and Lisa and baby Hudson. They moved to Austin, TX with his job and we will miss them!! This is a picture of Scott holding sweet little Caroline, her daddy and Scott grew up together. She is so precious. Wouldn't you know that I didn't take any pictures of Jon and Lisa with Hudson. There were like 50 people and 25 kids running around so it was a bit distracting but good to see them one more time.

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I heard that chick Cris is a hottie.