Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back by popular demand....

Here is an update on our little princess! This passed week, we broke gum on a new tooth!! I think another is coming, we had a rough afternoon. Also this passed Saturday we turned 10 months old and were home exactly one month! Time is flying by too quickly!! Before we were like hurry up so we can get her. Now we are like slow down, she is getting older too quick! We are so happy that we just can't stand it. Looks like we might get to see Molly, one of her orphanage "sisters." this weekend that we met in China. Her and her parents are supposed to come down and visit on Saturday. We are really excited to see them!! Well, here are some photos!

This was our first time holding our big girl cup... And our last. She wants nothing to do with feeding herself or holding her own cup.

Daddies girl with a football, what more could he want??

Mama's girl looking pretty!!

With Denise, my brothers girlfriend - she is smiling cause she buys her stuff!

Playing like crazy!!

Our little Cheerleader - NOT!!

Just chillin in the pool!

Our first pig tail - very tiny - but there!

Those eyes melt my heart!


amy said...

such beautiful pictures

Linda said...

She is so cute...Looks like she is growing too fast...Linda