Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Crazy Daughter...

This morning my cute little girly decided she was going to help me clip coupons...


Anonymous said...

That's my girl, nana is very proud of you staring early in life clipping those coupons, it will help to lower the cost of your diapers and food you love so well.
Love you Izabella and will see you tomorrow for your sleep over with nanna and papaw and great nanny.

Donna and Joe said...

Oh my gosh...already checking out the Target ad! You gotta love that!

Donna :)

Jill Johnson said...

*LOL* I caught Mallory with my Kroger ad tonight, so got out the camera before she plopped down in her ladybug beanbag chair with it. I have to keep the coupons out of sight! =) Izabella's looking cute as ever!

Alyson & Ford said...

I went back and read your posts from China. We will be going to get our daughter in CQ (Nanchuan SWI) in a few weeks.
Your daughter is a cutie - just adorable!!

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