Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Izabella, where ever you are, you are going to have a very sweet father!! Look what he did for your mom today!!! They are my favorite!! I hope you are being loved and cared for until we can come and get you! I promise, next Valentines Day will be so special!!!


Gail said...

What pretty flowers!
I can see it now on Valentines for Mommy and Izabella!

We are getting close!
Looking forward to seeing Izabella's sweet face! Just in time for Spring!

Anonymous said...

It will be special, because she will be home with her family. Where she was destine to be.

Aaron said...

I have read through many of your thoughts, prayers and comments. These words of a woman who is already a mother... one just waiting for her child. I read and wonder if my mom thought words such as these and wish she were here to ask. But I know that she must have as I remember the joy I brought to her until she left this earth... so very special an adopted child is as they were chosen by their mother who waited for so long. Izabella will know and cherish this love as an adopted child one day as have I.
Ladybug Kisses to you both.