Friday, February 01, 2008


We had some compromising weather on Tuesday night. In fact they are saying it was an F1 Tornado!!! It sounded so scary outside for a few minutes and then it was gone! Here are some pictures of the damage...

This was a large massive tree that was uprooted!!

A tree actually went through the roof of this house.

Here it is inside the persons bedroom!!

This is our local acting theatre in Pewee Valley

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Troy said...

Hi Hope, it's Troy. Just LOVE your blog & check it almost daily. I started a blog, too, at if you'd like to take a look. Those storms Tuesday night were pretty scarry. No damage here to speak of, just some limbs down; but mother lives in St. Matthews & had a close call with a tree falling onto a house just across the street & up 2 blocks from her. Take care & tell Scott we said hello!