Saturday, February 09, 2008


Well today my friend Kim and I went to find things for the nursery and we found some of the cutest pink ladybug stuff!!!! Check it out!! I cannot wait to get going on it!!!


Hope's mom said...

Just love the things you picked out today.
Can't wait till you get started and help that completely hot pink room get some other colors to go with it and to make it a baby room.
More excited as the days go by.
love you,

scalverts said...

I love your colors. I guess we had better get started on the other quilt or Izabella will not have but one. Of course you will probably need two because I am thinking twins.
Love Ya
Sue (your other MOM)

Linda said...

Great finds,, That room will be a fun one...Linda

Troy said...

Those are the CUTEST things! I can't imagine the anticipation you're feeling. But that's gonna be one lucky little girl!!

Alyson & Ford said...

We love the apple green (Granny Smith or Beatles - take your pick) and PINK! Lots of PINK! It all looks very cute!

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