Sunday, June 29, 2008

HERE SHE IS!!!!!!!!!!!

Here she is!! Will post more later!!


Troy, said...

Oh m'Gosh - What a cutie!! I am absolutely just so happy for you both!! I've been anxiously waiting to see you holding your baby girl and now I could just cry happy tears for you both - for all THREE of you; for the parents you've always wanted to be, and for Izabella who now has parents who will give her all the love she may otherwise have never known.

Much love to all THREE of you!!
Troy & Rob

Maggie & Billy said...

OMG she is beautiful! Congratulations to you both.

Anonymous said...

Just amazing!! We are so happy for you guys!!!

Diane said...

Hope and Scott,
We are so happy for you! Izabella is such a beautiful little princess! Dreams really do come true!
:)Diane and Gary
LID 1/23/06 NEXT!

hiltonsheadeast said...

Oh, guys .....she is just beautiful ! Congratulations. We wish her a smooth transition. OMG!! I can't believe you finally have her. YIPPEE!!!!

Lori & Andy Hilton
Waiting for our McKenzie

Somewhere In The Sun said...

Oh my I've just got chills all over! Congratulations Mommy & Daddy!

~Lynn & Olivia

Andrea Nielsen said...

Even more beautiful than her pictures. Congratulations! Andre

Anonymous said...

First thing Chase said "she looks like Scott."

Manette said...

Just so beautiful... This is my favorite part about adoption: The uniting of a family. It is so precious to see. And you guys are extremely lucky. Isabella is gorgeous!

Mike and Rhonda said...

So so happy for you guys. Izabella is a cutie. Both of you guys look so appy holding her!!!!!

Sharon said...

Congratulations!! She is just beautiful! Have a safe and healthy trip.


Linda said...

So happy to see your arms around your Izabella... Hope all goes well the rest of your trip and your family becomes one...Lina

where love grows said...

Congratulations on your wonderful blessing!! What a precious little pumpkin Izabella is! She is just so beautiful and a little snuggle bug too! Love all the photos thank you for sharing with us! So happy for all of you and thrilled that you are now a family forever! Rejoicing with you all!
Shelly & David Watt