Friday, June 27, 2008

Hope & Scott in China!!!!

Hi, this is Stephe, Hope's partner in crime! Kidding! I am one of her fellow Precious Pandas from the January DTC group!!! Since China is making it hard on bloggers to post, I am posting for them.

Email from Hope:
Okay, here is the message I tried to post last night when we got in! It was like 12:30 pm here when we finally got to our hotel... we were in bed at like 1:30 and up by 5:30. Gonna crash hard tonight!! We get our baby tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will post more later!!

Hey everyone, I just took an Ambien so I might not last long! But we made it, our AST flight landed at 10:00 pm Friday here in China which is am. Our whole group is exhausted and we are in our fabulous hotel!! The Grand Millennium in Beijing!! It is very nice and cozy. I have to admit I am a bit home sick but know that we are so close our little Izabelly so, tonight and tomorrow night and life will no longer be the same and praise the Lord!! Love you all but will write more when I find my brain! Stephe, I have lots of packing tips for you. We have shampoo, shower gel, toothbrush and toothpaste, q-tips... okay my pill is making me swurlly so I'll try to post more tomorrow. Got to go to sleep. Love, Soctt and Hope

This is a photo that I found online of the Grand Millennium in Beijing! Below is what the rooms look like!

Sweet Dreams Hope and Scott!! Izabella will be with you soon!!! Stephe


Sophia's Mama said...

Hope we got home late last night still fighting jet lag but wanted to wish you well enjoy every moment of this time it passes so quickly.. I can not wait to hear your story....

lots of love Susan

Linda said...

So happy yu have made it and looking forward to pictures of the Happy Family....Linda

Anonymous said...

Just a note to say we miss you, and I did not sleep well last night for thinking are they on a plane or are they waiting for the next plane. This is what moms do and you are about to find this out real soon!!!!
Nanny Stayed awake all night I think, she has asked me numerous times where, when, how, and so have been gentle and tried to answer best I could, she still does not understand the 12 hour difference. This is really confusing her. She thinks you already have Izabella or when you do get her you have to give her back for awhile then they will give her to you later. She has been funny in some ways, but for 96 years old I think she is doing wonderful. Love you and await hearing and seeing more from you. Dad is sleeping away and I have got to do the same so for now good night and love to both my girl and scott. MOM

Troy, said...

So glad you made it to Beijing safely! I checked your blog throughout the day yesterday hoping there would be a post. Can't wait to see the first "family picture". Stay safe!
Troy & Rob