Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our Itinerary!!!!

Finally we will be bringing our girl home!! I cannot believe we are going to be parents in less than a week!! I just wonder what she looks like?? We have had NO updates since the old pictures of her that we got. I know she has changed a lot!! I hope they have not cut her hair! I think I am going to kiss her little face all over when I get my hands on her!! My good bud Stephe is going to keep this blog updated while I am gone with updates and pictures since it is usually not updatable in China!! Cannot wait be home and share all our fun!!!!!!!!!

6/26 NW3741 leave Louisville at 11:05 am, arrive Detroit at 12:36 pm
6/26 NW25 leave Detroit at 2:25 pm, arrive Tokyo 6/27 at 4:20 pm

6/27 NW29 leave Tokyo at 6:45 pm am louisville time), arrive Beijing at 9:35 pm
6/28 visit Tian An Men Square, Forbidden City and Great Wall
6/29 Leave Beijing at 8:20 am to head to Chongqing (where Izabella is!)
6/29 in the afternoon China time WE WILL GET IZABELLA!!!!!! HAPPY DAY!!!!!!!!!!
6/30 - 7/4 we will be in Chongqing with OUR DAUGHTER!!!
7/2 9:30 am Visit Chongqing Zoo and People’s Hall
7/3 9:30 am Visit Eling Park Chaotian Gate
7/4 6:45 pm we leave for Guangzhou and arrive at 8:45 pm HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!
7/5 9:00 am take Izabella’s Vista Photo and her Medical Check up
7/6 10:45 am Walk to a Church Service
7/7 9:00 am Izabella’s Visa will be taken to Consulate and we will get our Red Couch Photo at the White Swan
7/8 2:45 pm To Consulate to have the Oath Ceremony

7/09 4:30 am wakeup call – 5:30 Leave hotel for the Long Journey Home - leave Guangzhou NW28 at 8:20 am, arrive Tokyo at 2:05 pm
7/09 leave NW12 Tokyo at 4:15 pm (4:15 am US time), arrive Detroit at 3:00 pm
7/09 leave Detroit at 5:01 pm, arrive Louisville at 6:25 pm WE WILL BE HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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