Sunday, June 29, 2008

Waiting Patiently

From Hope and Scott:
"Well it is 10 till 4:00 pm in Chongqing and we are waiting for the call to go down and get the babies. This was THE most amazing place when we were flying in. Sunny, HOT but mountainous. There are hills and mountains everywhere, much like Eastern KY but with skyscrappers! It is a very different place. It sounds like New York as I sit here and type. There are horns honking everywhere and people drive crazy. Once we got here went to an Chinese restaurant in the basement of an art gallery I think! The food is spicy here. Sichuan is what they are known for. We had Kung Pow Chicken today and it was good but very spicy. Pumpkin Soup and many other strange things. I have been hungry and tired most of the time we have been here. But, I am like the hibernating bear - NOT going to starve! We got up this morning at 4:30 am and left at 5:15 for the airport. Beijing has an amazing airport - architecturally it is amazing! When we arrived at the airport Scott had on a t-shirt that had USA on it and was approached by some young boys and they took turns getting their picture made. Then when we arrived at Chongqing, these two little boys were giggleing and trying to snap my picture so I leaned down and waved them over and had my picture made with them and then took their picture! They just giggled! Another interesting thing is the split pants. The young children here don't wear diapers. They wear split pants. They are split in the crotch from front to back. Our guide who is Chinese says that it is because they are poor and if children have to go to potty, they go behind a tree or in a corner. They really do have a different culture here. She said Chinese people don't wear wedding rings because they feel like it is too showy and they are way to modest as a culture where Americans try to outdo each other with the size of their diamonds. It has been interesting and fun having Allison with us (our guide) and she has been so amazing. Taking care of EVERY detail and all has run sooo smooth!!

I have so many emotions right now but don't know what to say. I know they are driving in on a bus from Yunyang and they don't use car seats here so I am praying for their safety. I know they are going to be tired and hungry. I know that they had at least a 6 hour bus ride! Scott is napping! I want to nap but don't want to fall asleep! Well, I have rambled on long enough. It is now 4:05 and we are waiting patiently for our call!!!!!"

Here are some photos that I found on the internet to show you where Hope & Scott have been and where they are now. Enjoy. ~ Stephe

Above & Below: The Amazing Beijing Airport

They flew into the Province of Chongquing.

Below: Chongquing city Life.

Below: A little more rural area of Chongquing.

Below: Babies and the Infamous Split Pants.

Below: Yunyang County with over 1400 years of history is reputed as the 'Bright Pearl of Chongqing' This is where their precious little Izabella is from.

Oh Sweet Izabella, you are in route to you forever family and they are just bursting with excitement with the anticipation of your arrival. All of your family, friends, and Precious Pandas here in the US are so ready to see your precious little face. We're sending all you lots of hugs and kisses!!! ~ Stephe

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