Friday, June 06, 2008

We've Got our flights booked...

Here is our flight information. 3 weeks from today we will be IN China. I am having such a wide range of emotions right now. I just can't wait until we have our little princess with us.

6/26 leave Louisville at 11:05 am, arrive Detroit at 12:36 pm
6/26 leave Detroit at 2:25 pm, arrive Tokyo at 4:20 pm on 6/27
6/27 leave Tokyo at 6:45 pm, arrive Beijing at 9:35 pm
7/9 leave Guangzhou at 8:20 am, arrive Tokyo at 2:05 pm
7/9 leave Tokyo at 4:15 pm, arrive Detroit at 3:00 pm
7/9 leave Detroit at 5:01 pm, arrive Louisville at 6:25 pm


Andrew Gurthet said...

My wife and I adopted our daughter Anna in Chongqing on 8/15/06. So, your site caught my eye when I came across it doing research for photos of Anna's SWI. Not sure where your SWI is located, but Anna's was Qianjiang SWI in eastern Chongqing Municipality.

A big congrats! You're in for a great time!!! My one piece of advise... ENJOY every second of it. It all goes so fast!

And, If you want to see what it may be like for you, I made a video of our trip to Chongqing. You can see it at:

It's very slow in loading and you'll need Quicktime. But, in all likelihood, you'll probably end up in the same adoption room (via the oldest, ugliest elevator known to man). And, a lot of it is shot in Guangzhou as well.

Congrats!!! Andrew (Menlo Park, California)

Sophia's Mama said...

It is real now sista.. enjoy this time you deserve it. we love you guys


amy said...

oh that is soooo exciting

Alyson & Ford said...

You must be loving the fact that you have a date now! How exciting!
Safe travels!

Alyson LID 01/27/06

Shannon said...

Congrats!!! I can't wait till you get home and we have 3 highchairs at Max and Ermas instead of 2!!!!!!

Have a GREAT trip

Mom to 3 year old terrors Jack and Palmer (who are still in love with their HOPE)

Marla said...

congrats on travel dates. i've been following your journey, I think i may have met you at a FCC dinner. we share the same agency and our daughters are both from Chongqing. We brought her home in 2006 and it has been nothing but amazing. Safe travel