Saturday, July 05, 2008

First Day In Guangzhou

We had to do the medical check up today. It really is not much. They review their medical information, weigh them, measure them, look in their throat, etc. Then we did a little shopping!!! It is very hot here but places have air. We went to this place called Lucy's and had grilled cheese and fries. Very good. I think I have lost 20 lbs. in this past 10 days from not eating and sweating!! But finally we are having a better time and getting the hang of this parent thing!!


Troy, said...

Your photos are so outstanding!! Love all of them; and several of them should be printed & framed for sure! We all anxiously await your safe return and can't wait to meet Miss Izabella. Tell her we said, "Ni Hao!"

Troy & Rob

hiltonsheadeast said...

Hi you three ....hope you had a great Sunday. Is Izabella feeling better?

We're watching you ! You are almost home now. Can't wait! Looks like the new referrals will be in tomorrow. YIPPEE!!

LID: 2.16.06

Amy said...

Your girl is so cute - big beautiful eyes. Congrats!

Jonni, John & Sofia said...

Hi Scott , Hope and Izabella,

My name is Jonni and my husband and I adopted our little girl from the Gansu province in August 2007. A friend of mine (Carla from Baseballs and Ballerinas) told me about your blog and how much she thought our daughters resembled one another. They really do! Izabella is just gorgeous and I wish you guys best of luck on your trip home. Just think, not too much longer and you will finally be home with your sweet baby girl.
She's gorgeous. :)