Thursday, July 03, 2008

We finally found a plug to make our fan work. Iz is sleeping right now. We have had a long day. We went to city hall - it is beautiful building but of course NO AIR and 5 million steps with a 21 pound sleeping baby - yeah that was fun. But we watched a local artist that was in this building paint and I got a very beautiful panda painting. I have been very choosey about how we are spending on souviniers. While we were there, Iz decided to do a massive poop and the restrooms have no changing tables, no hand soap, no towels and of course the sink was nasty - it looked like there was mold on it so we went out in the hallway on the floor, I'm sure they did not like it but I have to draw a line somewhere!! There was another artist who painted names and we got one for Hannah, Garrett, Fallon and of course Izabella - so cute!! We then went to a park we had to push the stroller all up hill in the heat - this is a great weight loss place -- like fat camp but you get a baby too lol - no eat - sweat and walk!! Anyhow, then we went to a tea room and tried different teas. Scott had to take a poo and he came back running saying there was no TP and they were squatty potties! Too funny! So I gave him baby wipes and he came back laughing saying he had to strip down to go so he didnt make a mess! We were all rolling. Scott has been the fun of the poop jokes. We really have a great group of people we are here with in Chongqing and our guides are really great! Then we were on to lunch and we had wound our way up to the top of the park -- And Chongqing and had lunch! It was another good one!! We had beef, pork, broccoli and of course rice and we had ICE in our drinks today!!!! Oh my gosh!!! It was filtered water so we were allowed to drink it!! I cannot describe how good that was! I am dying for a big glass of iced tea! But Iz had a bit of a melt down, she was hot and tired and I think her ears are still bothering her a bit but she is also cutting more teeth on the top because she is chewing and drewling on everything! We are now back and just waiting for her to wake and we are taking her to the pool!! I'll have to post more pictures then!!

This was at the Tea Room...

Princess Petunia is throwing a fit because we stopped moving the stroller!!
At Eling Park
Local artist painting names at Eling Park
She finally gave out!

The art gallery
With her leg propped up
The top of Chongqing - very smoggy

Jessica and Sydnee - our new friends from KY!!


Manette said...

Such beautiful photos! I'm thrilled you're having such a wonderful time. And I'm especially glad that you've gained some awesome friends in China. They say your travel companions often become lifelong friends.

Anonymous said...

hey hope and scott she is soooo beautiful!! Can't wait to see her. The best thing we found for teething was a wet washcloth, they love the coolness and the texture is soothing to the gums. I wake up every morning and go to the computer 1st thing, just to see how things are going. You and your family are in our prayers. Love Carl Kim and kids