Thursday, July 10, 2008


We finally made it through that greweling travel to the homefront!! We are sooo glad to be home and so many things that we take for granted are not always so easy in other countries. I am so blessed to live in the USA and glad our sweet Petunia is finally with us! Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with China but there is no place like home!! Our internet connection in Guangzhou was so bad that when I had time to blog or send an update so here is what happened at the end of the week before we came home...

This was the infamous Red Couch Picture. Izabella was trying to lay on Molly, Molly was screaming and Isabell and Sydnee couldn't figure out what was going on. Chloe Grace was doing what she was supposed to while poor Julia was crying tears of joy because Mr. Bee was by her side!!

LUCY's!! Our favorite place to get American food in China!!

Izabella went crazy on the carrots!

This was our first night at home when my sweet baby girl decided not to sleep at 1:30 am but in China it was 1:30 pm!!

The girl playing in the floor!!
At the pearl factory!
Going to the pearl factory - it looked a lot like Time Square!

This was a Christian church in China - yes IN CHINA. I always thought they were underground but apparently not - it was a nice experience.Sweet Petunia ready to go to church for the firs time!!

I cannot believe this dream has finally come true. We are so in love with this little person. After 3 long years of waiting it has finally happened and we are so happy!!


amy said...

Seriously. I have never seen pics like this. I have heard of Lucy's though! Thanks for the updates. She is too precious!

Claudia & Buck said...

We're so glad you guys are home! Izabella is just adorable. You must just be so relieved to be home after such a long trip so far away. Congratulations to you both. She's such a cutie!! Love all the pics.

Anonymous said...

Hope & Scott,
We are so happy for you guys! She is just so adorable, and with that smile: you just want to pick her up and give her hugs and kisses!!! We are glad that you are safe at home. Natalie was very sad that you had poor internet service. She just kept asking, "Where in the world are they? Why are there no new pictures?" I tried to explain to her that it could be just because you guys are busy and have other stuff to do than just to blog. So with that we want to say Thanks for letting us hear and see from you guys as you go through this season of life. Thanks for sharing. It has been cool keeping in touch. And we look forward to seeing Miss Izabella grow. We love you guys.

Clay & Amy
Nick, Nathan, Noah, & Natalie

Andrea Nielsen said...

Congratulations on getting home with your beautiful daughter. Let the adventures begin!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home!!! Izabella is so incredibly cute! We are so happy that your dreams have come true and your princess Petunia is in your arms and finally enjoying her ladybug room! Rejoicing with you in your "happily ever after..."

Shelly & David

Cheri & Shane said...

Hope & Scott,

Welcome Home!! Izabella is absolutely precious. I really enjoyed following your blog & Yahoo group while you were in China.

Enjoy every moment...each day with your little one will be more fun than the day all your dreams have come true!!! :)

Cheri (Precious Panda friend)
DH Shane
DD Hope

Christine said...

Welcome home!!!!! Wow I bet you can't believe you received your referral, got ready, travelled to China, got your sweet Izabella, travelled around China and returned home already! :) I hope the next few weeks go well and you all adjust to the time change. I love your photos. Izabella is adorable!!! Have fun and enjoy your new little girl. You are now a family!!!

Sophia's Mama said...

So glad you all are home safe and sound China is great but to be home with your baby is priceless... I am sorry you had such a hard time with the Internet connection we found it to be great at the Victory Hotel... Izabella is adorable Welcome Home...

Anonymous said...

Scott and Hope,
YIPPEEE!!! Welcome HOME! You are a family in your own home and grandmas and grandpas are so happy too, I know! Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I know that you will treasure your time in China, even if it isn't like home. ENjoy your family! And a word of encouragement for the next several days..or weeks...??.....eventually, Izzabella WILL adjust to US time. Thankfully grandma is nearby and can maybe help you during the day so you can sleep until your daughter adjusts. (Somehow I don't think grandmas mind that too much!) :)
Love, Amy D.

Lisa said...

Sweet Baby Izabella is definitely that!!! I met you guys at Denise and Rusty's Derby Party and have been saying my prayers for you ever since. My friend has two very special China Dolls. Miss Izabella is truly a precious gift and many prayers answered. Best of life to the new little family.
Lisa Geiser

SHRAON P said...


Ladybugsmom said...

Hope...glad you made it home isn't it grand to have your girl and just be living and no more waiting.
Emily form Ladybug Happenings