Monday, July 14, 2008

It's 2:30 AM!!

Okay so we got little Petunia in bed at 8 pm!! Wow, it is hard but we kept her up ALL DAY - well after noon. In the process we had her in the Johnny Jumper and you see in the picture what happened in our effort to keep her awake!! It was funny!! Anyhow, we had lunch for mom's birthday! I would have posted pictures from that, but forgetful new mommy left the camera in the car! Well, it is time to try and coax her back in to bed!! We'll see how it goes!!
She is making her first attempts at crawling!!

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Linda said...

What a great picture of Izabella sleeping in the jumper!!! Just proves who is the boss!!!.. Looks like things are going well. I think gramma has the best birthday gift she can ever receive..Happy Birthday Brenda... Linda