Tuesday, July 01, 2008

We are Still Alive!!

I know I have been a very bad blogger! But I have had a very sick baby! We just returned from the doctor and I got her some antibiotics! Let me start from yesterday and move forward!We had to exchange money and finally pay our fees and do some paperwork so I sent Scott to do all that because Izabella was not feeling well and I was so tired so he did that and then we all went to lunch at a very very fancy restaurant where there was more western chinese food. It was very good and more Sichuan which is spicy! I loved it. Did not take pictures but I have the best story to tell! Scott was in line for the first diaper and when it came time, it was at the end of this lunch - so I told him I would not make him do it alone. So, I went with him so we were in this restroom inside the private room that we had for lunch and I was to the side assisting and explaining that we use wipes on girls from front to back so once he wiped her he must have hit an explosive daddy poop button because green poo shot out at him and he flew back and hitt the door and it slammed and everyone was laughing, we were laughing and we finally got everyone cleaned up and it was pretty funny once we left the room and came out and explained to the group what had happened. Anyhoo we were off to the civil affairs office where everything was finalized - for those AHH girls who want info - here is a BIG TIP - when they tell you are going to civial affairs be prepared -- they did a family picture and group picture and lots and lots of pictures - I had NO makeup and my hair was all pulled back. I look horrible!! We were all a little upset that they did not let us know that ahead of time. Anyhow, she is officially ours as of yesterday, June 30, 2007!! That was an interesting experience! But she is ours to keep! So it was soooooo hot - hotter than hot and we were all sweltering in that building waiting to get that done. All the babies were crying and tired and falling asleep and we left and came back to the hotel and just stayed in the room. We all went to bed last night at 6:30 because we were so wiped out. We woke up about 3:00 because we could not sleep and then Izabella woke up about 30 minutes later because she was hungry. She would only take one bottle yesterday and I should have known something was up. So Scott gave his first 3:00 am feeding this morning and then we gave her a little rice congee. She was not feeling good all morning and finally she was just screeming. We could not do anything and we knew she was sick. So Scott and I both were in tears! I finally said, okay, let's call Allison - our guide and she called and got me in to a Western doctors office. Hopped in a cab - remember what I said about the crazy driving here, well I got to experience it!! For those who have driven with Key, it is much worse. It made him look like Miss. Daisy! And, babies do not use car seats so I put her in my snuggly and off we went. She has an ear infection and upper resperatory infection. Which we knew! But we now have medicine and she is sleeping. Needless to say, my first bout with parenthood has been an experience, not just a long trip far away but, the sickness as well! But things are looking up!! Okay, here come some pictures!!

Dad's first 3 am feeding!

Our whole travel group!
The ladies from her orphanage!

Our sleeping beauty.

Her first bath!


Melissa said...


I am sooo glad you have the medicine to make Izabell feel better! Youa re doing great and for a sick baby she is still so cute!!! Thanks for updating!!

Stephe said...

Oh, Hope, thanks for the update!! I am so happy Izabella is doing better! Poor little girl. I am glad you all are making out well and I just love all your tips! Keep them coming! ha!! ha!

Sheryl said...

Good to hear she has medicine and is on the mend. She looks sooo much like Scott! More pics!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Hope & Scott! She is so wonderfully adorable!!! What a precious baby girl! We are so thankful you were able to find help for Izabella and praying she will be able to fight the infection with help from the meds too! What wonderful words to read that she is finally yours FOREVER! Rejoicing with you in becoming a Mommy & Daddy and FAMILY FOREVER!!!

Shelly & David

Maggie & Billy said...

A wonderful ending. So happy to hear Izabella is on her way to recovery. I know its pretty scary especially being a new mom in a foreign country. You guys seem to have it all under control though, great job! Thank you for the great tips..looking forward to hearing more.
Bill & Maggie
lid: 2-17-06

Troy, said...

You're not being a bad blogger, Hope. You have your hands slightly full which anyone would understand! I'm just so tickled to see all the pictures & read of your adventures!! I emailed Gene & Martha the link to your site so they can see little Izabella & stay current on events as well. Here's praying for a speedy recovery from her infections. Post when you can & keep those pictures coming!!
Troy & Rob

Mike and Rhonda said...


So glad that you posted and that you were able to get that sweet little baby girl some meds. Hopefully, she will be feeling better very soon. I hope that you guys get some sleep too!

Christie said...


CHRISTIE said...


hiltonsheadeast said...

Hi Hope & Scott & Izabella ...we are so sorry you are not feeling well, Izabella but you are in good hands. Your mommy and daddy will take very good care of you. Loved the "green daddy poop" story. Hehehe Scott is well and truly christened. :)

Hugs to the three of you ,

hiltonsheadeast said...

Hi Hope & Scott & Izabella ...we are so sorry you are not feeling well, Izabella but you are in good hands. Your mommy and daddy will take very good care of you. Loved the "green daddy poop" story. Hehehe Scott is well and truly christened. :)

Hugs to the three of you ,

Anonymous said...

I just knew from the symptoms it was an ear infection. If was just like our little Andrew. I'm so glad that she in feeling better.We are counting down the time until you are home!
God Bless

Diane said...

Hope, You have to put the "green poop" story in Izabella's Life book! That was too hilarious! I am so glad that you were able to get her some meds and that she is sleeping like an angel! The pics are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Linda said...

So happy to see Izabella looking better and you also. I've emailed your MOm a few times and I know she is happy that you went to the Dr. Izabella is so beautiful...even being sick... Can't wait for you to come home and start your new life as a family and it to be Donna's turn in China............Linda

Anonymous said...

Hi,Hope and Scott:

This is someone from China.
i followed your journey and read your story but never posted any comments.But now,i cant believe you actually are/were in MY CITY and getting your baby from MY HOMETOWN-YUNYANG(云阳)!!what a small world.i m so happy for you guys,Izabella(伊莎贝拉) is so beautiful and so cute that i cant stop looking at her.you 3 made a perfect family.
i m also very glad that you had good time in Chongqing(重庆)although it is really HOT HOT these days.i wish i wasnt out of the town for a few days so that i might could get a chance to meet you and give you some help if you need.
i m gonna go to Yunyang to visit my extend family this weekend,and i
think i ll make some time to visit Yunyang SWI since i have been so touched by all these China adoption stories from deep of my heart.
Wish you a happy ever after life together!
A Chongqing girl^0^