Friday, July 04, 2008


This was us right before we left Chongqing. Napping. We took baby girl back to the doctor before we flew and he had me increase one of her meds and did a nebulizor treatment on her. It really helped to clear her up. The doctor we saw this time looked like Dr. Rolf from Days of our Lives!! So glad to leave Chongqing but yet sad. I cried all the way from the hotel to the airport just thinking that this is where she was born and the first place we saw her. It was a tough ride for me.

We arrived at the airport with meds in hand and bottle ready to make her have a comfortable airplane ride. It was her first and she did GREAT!! Slept most of the way. When she feels good, she is such a good baby girl! We are soooo in lover with her. We had a very smooth flight and arrived in to Guangzhou about 9 pm and as we left the airport Scott ran in to McDonalds in the airport and got me a Diet Coke with Ice!!! Ahhhhhh It was steamier than ever but once we got to our hotel, it was really really cold. Our room has air that is cold!! Yipee!!!

Here is my 4th of July Baby - thanks for the outfit Aunt Rhonda!! We finally made it to Guangzhou it was midnight and she was still smiling!!

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Mike and Rhonda said...

Hope!!!! You made me cry. Thank you so much for taking a picture with that precious Izabella in her little outfit. I cannot tell you how much that means to us. May I just say, she is the cutest baby ever and I am so glad that she got to wear it (at least once).

So glad things are going better for all of you! You are a natural mom - Hope. So good to see you smile a big mommy smile.