Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Izabella say "Ni Hao (said nee-how)" -Hello!

Well today we had a bit better day. We have gone from getting better from an ear infection and upper respiratory infection to teething!! Sweet thing just went to bed and she is still sniffling in her sleep once and a while. This parenting thing is hard when your babies feel bad!! But is so great!! She is so precious that she melts my heart every time I look at her!

Today we got to go to the Panda Zoo of Chongqing - it was great! I was dying to see some Panda bears and we got to see those and Tigers...

It was one of the most beautiful zoo's I have ever been to. The bamboo trees and palm trees were everywhere and it was plopped right in the middle of of the city all around. Of course it is not the same without Jack, Palmer and Katelyn!!

These pictures were from the silk factory we went to visit. They had some beautiful items. We decided to save our money for later in Guangzhou!

This was our lunch today! It was some kind of chicken - bone and all and the red things are some type of red peppers. Allison kept telling us that it was very spicy. So far I have not had anything too spicy!! Lunch was way better today!! They even served corn - with peas and carrots of course! They put peas and carrots in everything!

Izabella crashed at the restaurant after the zoo!! She downed 2 bottles in a row! She had hardly eaten in two days so I let her have it. Would not have normally but her wanting to eat is a good sign of her feeling better!

This was one of our groups at lunch! The restaurant was very beautiful! It started out sweltering hot in there and they must have had to mop the floors from our sweat because they turned the air on for us!! Yea!!

This was a beautiful fan that I bought from a lady at the zoo today!! I just love it!!

This is the Panda Purse that mommie just had to buy for Izabella!!

Another bath today!! We love the water!!

Look Granny - I have a bow in my hair - of course it won't stay in long because my hair is too short!!

Each day seems to get better!! We actually had good food tonight at the restaurant in the hotel! It was Tex Mex night - believe it or not, it was really good - spicy but I like it!! That is what this area is know for, its spicy food - Sichuan!! Going to bed now!!


Anonymous said...

I just love looking at your pictures. You are so cute. I love ladybugs too!! I will continue to pray that you feel lots better for your trip home. Have fun with mommy & daddy.

(Oh, mom, dad, & boys say HI)

Wanda and Geoff said...

Hope, I'm so glad Izabella is feeling better! She is such a sweetie! I love reading about your incredible journey. You and Scott are falling into parenthood like pros! Kiss the baby for me!


Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful. I can wait to hold her. She has such a sweet smile. She knows she is safe and will be happy with her mommie and daddy.
Love ya guys

Shannon said...

Jack and Palmer Miss you!!! They love looking at the pictures of you and Izabella!!

We can't wait to see you when we get home!

Of course going to our zoo is not going to be the same after seeing that zoo!!! But what fun you will get to have pushing the stroller up the hills this time!! :)


Linda said...

So Happy to see Izabella looking so great. Love the bath pic and the bow picture. Bet your Mom is having a hard time containing herself..Just wanting to get her hands on her beautiful granddaughter.... Linda

Anonymous said...

I love the big eyes and the bath tub. I swear Hope this baby just seems to melt right into you like she has been yours all along.
I love the look on Scott's face as he looks at her. We are counting down the days until you are home. We will celebrate the 4th at Steve and Teresa's home along with your folks! A special time of prayer and thanksgiving will be held for your little family!
We love you

Our Journey to Rachel said...

Congratulations on your beautiful daughter. She looks like a little doll! I love the poo story in the restaurant. I about wet my pants and had to share with my husband.

We returned a little over a month ago from China with our daugther, Rachel. What an amazing journey.

Sherry Crist
LID 1/6/06
Gotcha Day 5/19/08

Anonymous said...

She is so adorable Hope and Scott! Thankful she is feeling better! Praise God for your family! amy

Anonymous said...

Did you notice in the pic with Izabella and Scott she has her fingers crossed. too cute.